Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ways to Donate

I have had several people contact me asking how to contribute to our adoption fund.  Apparently if you check our blog on your smart phone the sidebar of the site does not show up, so I'm putting the info here as well.

The first way is to go to and send a donation to
When you send a donation through paypal there are zero fees taken out!  We will get 100% of your donation if you send it and mark it as a donation through paypal.

Another way is GoFundMe:

Go Fund Me takes 7.5% of your donation for themselves.  

Either way you choose to donate is fine with us, we appreciate all of the help we have gotten so far!  God is so very good and continues to use you all to bless us!  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Garage Sale MADNESS!

Never in my life have I ever seen so much STUFF in one place.

So much we took over the neighbor's garage AND driveway, AND had to borrow that trailer in the background to store all of the STUFF.

We had people calling/emailing/texting left and right, wanting to bring goodies to us for the fundraiser.

I would look out my window and see random people unloading donations in my driveway.

Be still my heart.

The outpouring of love and support overwhelmed our entire little family.  

We had support and help from people in all walks of life.  

Donations, donations, donations.

We decided to have our garage sale on two days (Friday and Saturday) since there was SO much stuff.

Only problem:  60% change of THUNDERSTORMS predicted for BOTH days.

We decided to go out on faith and hold the garage sale rain or shine.

It rained and stormed ALL AROUND US.  Just about all of our customers said they drove through rough weather to get to us.

We didn't get a drop of that rain.

We had a pretty consistent gentle breeze that gently kept the storms away from our street.

OH the outpouring of love and support we received!  

The wonderful friends who volunteered their time (and their kids' time) to help out with all of the back-breaking work just overwhelmed us. (You know who you all are!)

Garage Sale total:  $2,895

My cup overflows.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thoughts about Fundraising

You know, 

I'm not one to complain, 

or assert myself and be bossy, 

or point my finger at people and tell them what I'm NOT going to do....

But I did.

I did that to God.

You've never done that, have you?  

After the boy's adoption I told Him I was done.  





No more fundraising.

Ever.  Never ever again.

And then He said Lili Beth was ready and waiting for us.  He lit a fire under our feet.  

... So now I fundraise....

It is a HUGE blow to your pride to have to fundraise.  Period.  Everyone has needs, desires, wants.  And here I am, in your face, saying HELP ME!

And I don't like doing that.  

So I've been praying and wondering WHY God would have us fundraise.  I mean, really.  Why?  

I remembered our last journey to adopt.  We pounded the pavement and got the word out about orphans and the need for forever families.  Since then I have seen several families add to their homes because they saw how we raised funds.

Now I'm cool with it.  Let's fundraise.  Let's shout it from the roof tops if that is what we need to do.  

Use me, Lord.  Let's tell everyone about the need.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How I know...

How do I know my daughter's name is Lili Beth?

Well, actually, it's not.

It is Lilian Elizabeth, and the Lord gave me her name many years ago. 

My now 12 year old daughter has been praying for her little sister for many, many years.  She KNEW she was going to get a little sister, even when her father and I scoffed and told her, "good luck with that."

God was listening to her.

When we submitted to God three years ago to adopt, we didn't know where to start.  
"Ok, Lord" we said, "There are orphans everywhere.  Where do you want us to go?"

Hubby and I separated for 1 week in prayer.  At the end of that week we compared notes and realized that China had been laid on both our hearts quite heavy. 

Then THIS happened.

And we didn't quite know what to do that.  

So we pushed forward and were matched with a bouncing baby boy..... and 30 days later, ANOTHER bouncing baby boy.  

My precious boys have been life changing.  

Fun with Silly Selfies:

Love in Daddy's arms:

Keeping big sister in line:

Enjoying nature:

These boys are my sons. 
 They fit in my family like they have always been here.

And now God says its time to go get Lili Beth. 

So we go.

That's how I know.