Monday, September 26, 2011

Hurry Up.... And Wait.

We are working on our Dossier to send to China.  Basically it is a set of 13 documents that introduce us to the Chinese government.  We have to include certified copies of our birth and marriage certificates as well as passports.  We have ordered the birth and marriage certificates, and when those come in we will apply for our passports. 
So.... hurry up... and wait. 

Our home study home visit is to take place October 18th.  We will have to write out a $1,800.00 check at that time.  
We are confident God will provide!

Several friends have asked for baby bottles to fill with change... THANK YOU

Remember, the garage sale is October 15th
We are confident that between the two, God will provide the $1,800 needed for the home study!

We are going today to get our passport photos.  China wants three passport photos of Josh and three of me.  This should be fun!  :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who knew?

I'm finding stuff out about myself that I didn't even know.  Ok,  not really.  It sure feels like it with all of the forms and "certified copies of" and "pictures of" and, and, and, and.... that have been submitted to the homestudy office. 

Surely our case worker knows that if we go to all of this trouble, we've gotta be good parents!  Of course, it would help if I was organized in some way.  Moving two months ago has helped... I've been able to lay my hands on 90% of the items needed!  yay!

Of course, now come the interviews.... I'm worried what our son might come up with.... you never know with that guy!

Now on to the Dossier.....  oi!

Friday, September 16, 2011

     We have been very blessed through our 12+ years of marriage to not only have a very happy marriage, but a very happy family as well. Our daughter & son are now 9 and 7 years old, however, we have long felt something was missing. Our very happy and loving family has been incomplete. After years of prayer, God has impressed upon us that now is the time to be obedient to His will, and provide a happy and loving family home to one who does not have that biologically. Because of this, we have been called to adopt a child from China.

After much research, we have found that this adoption will cost us roughly $35,000.  We have wondered why God would impress this upon us at this time, but realized that coming up with $35,000 is a small thing for Him! If we are obedient to Him and His will, he can do BIG things! We are reminded of the scripture in Ephesians 3:20, "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us"   

All four of us are excited beyond measure for this adoption. The excitement can barely be contained. Even the kids have been brainstorming fundraising ideas as well as praying over their new brother or sister every night!

We thank you for visiting our blog & taking a brief peek into our journey.  Please bookmark this page and/or submit your email on the "follow by email" box located at the top right-hand corner of this site.  We covet your prayers & thank you for your support.  

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Super Cool Crayons!

 Our daughter and son have been working very, very hard (on their own) trying to come up with a fundraiser to help bring home their new little brother or sister. They have decided that a great fundraiser would be to make cool, shaped crayons and sell them!  

Here they are working hard peeling the paper off of old crayons:
 And here they are putting the crayons into the molds to make their super cool shapes!

 Finished product!  
Who wouldn't want crayons in the shape of Legos or little people?
 Please, please, please buy some!  
They're for our new brother or sister!
 Here are some examples of how they can come:
(minus the actual crayons, they are just there to make the photo look pretty)

Rainbow Lego pack 

Rainbow People Pack
 Single Person 
(you choose the color)

 Variety People Pack or Variety Lego Pack
(tell us what colors)
 Single Lego
(tell us what color you want)
 Please note that these are made solely by our 7 and 9 year old children.  

This means two things:  
1.  They are NOT perfect!  There may be traces of other colors on the lego blocks or people, or a little of a different shade of color mixed in, or if you order tie die, they're just fun!  

2.  These were made with lots and lots of LOVE.
 These are all sold by donation ONLY!  
Click on the "donate now" button to pay, just make sure you specify what colors, how many, what pack, and how you would like them shipped.  

Please keep shipping costs in mind when making your donation.  

We will pad them with bubble wrap in their shipping carton to ensure they arrive safely.
 This is the face YOUR kid will make when they get their new crayons!
Thank you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Daughter's Dream...

Josh and I had decided on a few parameters for our choosing a child.  None of which were discussed with or even around our children.  First, we had decided to ask for a child with special needs.  Wether that be cleft lip / palette, club feet, missing limbs, etc, etc, etc.  We had decided not to specify gender, and be open to a child from 0-4 years old.  We had not discussed names, however, in my heart I immediately thought that if we received a girl, I would love to name her Lillian. 

My 9 year old daughter has been in fervent prayer for her new brother or sister.  Each and every time she prays.  Before school, at meal times, at bedtime... and every time in-between.

She is not a morning person.  Neither is her father.  She buries herself further and further into the covers each and every time I come to her room to wake her up.  However, one day last week, that was not the case. She literally popped out of bed.

"Mom!  I had the best dream ever!"

Oh, really?  Well then please tell me about it!

"OK!  I dreamed we all went to China to get our new little sister.  We went to the place where we were to pick her up, and you and dad paid them money.  They were soooo nice!"

Really?  What else?

"Oh, our new little sister was very quiet and shy and she was just so nice!"

Oh?  Well how old was she?

"Um... she was about 4 years old."

What was her name?

"I can't remember.  It was either Lilly, or Elizabeth."

Later, as we were sitting at the breakfast table, she was telling her brother all about her dream, quite excitedly. 

"... and they were all so nice!  And our little sister was so nice and quiet and shy, too.  She is going to be a great little sister.  OH!  Mom!  I forgot to tell you!  Her feet were fixed!"