Thursday, July 24, 2014

How I know...

How do I know my daughter's name is Lili Beth?

Well, actually, it's not.

It is Lilian Elizabeth, and the Lord gave me her name many years ago. 

My now 12 year old daughter has been praying for her little sister for many, many years.  She KNEW she was going to get a little sister, even when her father and I scoffed and told her, "good luck with that."

God was listening to her.

When we submitted to God three years ago to adopt, we didn't know where to start.  
"Ok, Lord" we said, "There are orphans everywhere.  Where do you want us to go?"

Hubby and I separated for 1 week in prayer.  At the end of that week we compared notes and realized that China had been laid on both our hearts quite heavy. 

Then THIS happened.

And we didn't quite know what to do that.  

So we pushed forward and were matched with a bouncing baby boy..... and 30 days later, ANOTHER bouncing baby boy.  

My precious boys have been life changing.  

Fun with Silly Selfies:

Love in Daddy's arms:

Keeping big sister in line:

Enjoying nature:

These boys are my sons. 
 They fit in my family like they have always been here.

And now God says its time to go get Lili Beth. 

So we go.

That's how I know.

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  1. Amen, friend. Supporting you in prayer and following along.