Friday, September 16, 2011

Super Cool Crayons!

 Our daughter and son have been working very, very hard (on their own) trying to come up with a fundraiser to help bring home their new little brother or sister. They have decided that a great fundraiser would be to make cool, shaped crayons and sell them!  

Here they are working hard peeling the paper off of old crayons:
 And here they are putting the crayons into the molds to make their super cool shapes!

 Finished product!  
Who wouldn't want crayons in the shape of Legos or little people?
 Please, please, please buy some!  
They're for our new brother or sister!
 Here are some examples of how they can come:
(minus the actual crayons, they are just there to make the photo look pretty)

Rainbow Lego pack 

Rainbow People Pack
 Single Person 
(you choose the color)

 Variety People Pack or Variety Lego Pack
(tell us what colors)
 Single Lego
(tell us what color you want)
 Please note that these are made solely by our 7 and 9 year old children.  

This means two things:  
1.  They are NOT perfect!  There may be traces of other colors on the lego blocks or people, or a little of a different shade of color mixed in, or if you order tie die, they're just fun!  

2.  These were made with lots and lots of LOVE.
 These are all sold by donation ONLY!  
Click on the "donate now" button to pay, just make sure you specify what colors, how many, what pack, and how you would like them shipped.  

Please keep shipping costs in mind when making your donation.  

We will pad them with bubble wrap in their shipping carton to ensure they arrive safely.
 This is the face YOUR kid will make when they get their new crayons!
Thank you!


  1. Courtney,
    These are so adorable!! I have to get some for Collin. Tell me exactly how to get these. Also, I would love to pick them up so you can save on the shipping.
    email me


  2. Yay! Finally got around to placing my order today :)