Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Daughter's Dream...

Josh and I had decided on a few parameters for our choosing a child.  None of which were discussed with or even around our children.  First, we had decided to ask for a child with special needs.  Wether that be cleft lip / palette, club feet, missing limbs, etc, etc, etc.  We had decided not to specify gender, and be open to a child from 0-4 years old.  We had not discussed names, however, in my heart I immediately thought that if we received a girl, I would love to name her Lillian. 

My 9 year old daughter has been in fervent prayer for her new brother or sister.  Each and every time she prays.  Before school, at meal times, at bedtime... and every time in-between.

She is not a morning person.  Neither is her father.  She buries herself further and further into the covers each and every time I come to her room to wake her up.  However, one day last week, that was not the case. She literally popped out of bed.

"Mom!  I had the best dream ever!"

Oh, really?  Well then please tell me about it!

"OK!  I dreamed we all went to China to get our new little sister.  We went to the place where we were to pick her up, and you and dad paid them money.  They were soooo nice!"

Really?  What else?

"Oh, our new little sister was very quiet and shy and she was just so nice!"

Oh?  Well how old was she?

"Um... she was about 4 years old."

What was her name?

"I can't remember.  It was either Lilly, or Elizabeth."

Later, as we were sitting at the breakfast table, she was telling her brother all about her dream, quite excitedly. 

"... and they were all so nice!  And our little sister was so nice and quiet and shy, too.  She is going to be a great little sister.  OH!  Mom!  I forgot to tell you!  Her feet were fixed!"


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