Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scary Home Study

The thought of having a social worker come to my home and look in every nook and cranny is a *tad* disturbing.  Nevermind the fact that I have already sent her documentation detailing just about every detail of our lives... AND the fact that she had to interview each and every member of the family... seperately... ALONE. 

Those of you who know us, know that you will NEVER know what will come out of our son's mouth.

Which is why I was worried.

The social worker was coming to the house the Tuesday after the garage sale.  (Why does the house look like a bomb went off inside of it when you have a garage sale?  Just wondering...)

My dear sister, Crystal, took her Saturday and came to my house and cleaned it while we were garage sale-ing. 

Then Tuesday came. 

The social worker knocked on the door. *gasp*

And she was the most delightful, pleasant person I've ever met.  She interviewed each of us.   Our son reigned in his imagination for the interview.  *phew!* 

She said it would be two weeks before we would get her finalized report.  After we get her report, we're sending it to immigration.... after THAT, we'll be nearly finished with our dossier!

The social worker called me Friday.  She is working feverishly to get our homestudy done, and could we please look it over for her before she sends it to the adoption agency to get their approval? 

Well, sure....

Now we are expected to get our homestudy this week. 

Praise God!!!

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