Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fundraising Update

Well, we have been busy raising money, slowly but surely! 

A friend had a catalog party for my Tastefully Simple business, and that brought in $150! 

I had a jewelry party that brought in $350!

We went to the local Trade Days and sold my kids' crayons and my mother-in-law's crayon rolls and made $206!

We have also had wonderful anonymous and not-so-anonymous donations!  Woo hoo! 

One Saturday I had a knock at the door.  A sweet woman was there and asked if I was the one who had the Adoption Garage Sale.  Yes, yes, I am... I said.  She wanted to know if she could give me several car / truck loads of things to put in our next garage sale! 
Yes, yes you can.... I said!  :)

With that said, we are working on a date REAL SOON to have another garage sale.  We are taking donations and storing them in our garage.  If you have anything that we could possibly sell in our garage sale, please contact us!  We can even come get it.... (within reason).

I am in awe of how God is moving in people's hearts to help us bring our son home!

We are currently working on a t-shirt design!  Be on the lookout for our awesome t-shirt fundraiser!

While you're at it, put your email in the top right... I promise it doesn't hurt... and it helps you stay in touch! 

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