Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fundraising Update

God has been moving.  I mean MOVING!

Here's a run down of the wonderful things that have been happening as far as fundraising is concerned.  
(aka: We've been working our TAILS off!)

*  A local photographer has donated her services to take family, baby, graduation, etc. photographs and given all monies to the adoption fund!  So far we have brought in $200 with more opportunities to come!!!!  

*  Life Song for Orphans gave us a $2,500 matching GRANT!  And guess what?  We had $2,500 in donations.... and they have matched it!  ($5,000!!!!!)  Our account is still active and accepting donations.  If you would like to donate and have your donation tax deductible, you still can... it just will not be doubled.

*  Had another garage sale and earned roughly $1,000!!!!

*  We have had several people who have just brought us checks and said "God told me to give this to you."  Totaling $2,140!!!!

*  Show Hope ( approved us for a $4,000 GRANT!!!!!

*  I have started having speaking engagements and doing workshops on how to save money in this tough economy and how to feed a family of 4 for less than $50 per week.  I ask for $5 at the door (to cover supplies for make and takes) and for a love offering.  So far I have made $310!!!!!

* Nana's Buggy Buddies has donated almost 100 shopping cart covers and are giving 100% of the money earned to our adoption fund!

*Mary Kay Fundraiser where 40% of the profits are donated to us!  (see post below)  Still going on.... 

We are just OVERWHELMED!!  

But why?  God told us that He would make things happen if we obeyed and did what He told us to.    We are not "there" yet, but we're making GREAT strides to be!


April 14th we are doing a Car Smash fundraiser.  
We are praying heavily over it and ask that you please join us in prayer.
If you are available to volunteer in any way for this event, please let us know!  Thanks!