Monday, August 6, 2012

Touring and Shopping

Today we visited a 1,400 year old Buddhist Temple.  

It was beautiful. 

And hot.


Covered in a rash. 

Hot. hot. hot.  


Still Smiling.

These are the main buddhist shrines in the complex.  

These statues are HUGE!

Next we went to the Chan family's ancestral home. 

It was very detailed, and a very busy place to go for the locals.

Big Sister says "cheese".

Then we went shopping.  

I found an artist who wrote the kids names in Chinese on a piece of artwork for them.

Then we came back to the hotel for an afternoon nap. 

This is Ian laughing at us.... instead of napping.

For dinner we went with our group to a Cantonese restaurant.  

I love how they feed large groups of people here.  You sit at a large round table with a massive lazy suzan in the middle.  They place all of the dishes in the center and you scoop out what you want.  The food was YUM!

Eli decided he was done with sippy cups!

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