Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gotcha Night

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Remember I said the boys were dirty?  

After we got back to the hotel room and the boys looked at us for a little while they started to decide that we were ok people.  

We carefully removed their clothing (and saved the outfits they were given to us in) and took baths.

Ian absolutely loved his bath: 
You couldn't wipe the smile off of that face!   
He splashed so much there was more water on me and the walls than in the tub!

 Eli was very curious as to what we were doing to Ian.  

... and he looked as though he was a little nervous about the whole "bath" idea.

And he was.  He never cried, just looked totally miserable and sad the whole time.  He didn't want to sit in the water.  He wanted to stand and let me splash his knees.  You could tell he had never had this type of bath before.

Look at this broken heart after his bath!  Made my heart break for him.  He had yet to cry over all of the changes that had gone on with him that day.  Shocked would be an understatement.
They slept that night silently... although I'm sure not very soundly.  
Don't worry sweet babies, you've found your forever family.


  1. This touched my heart. I am so grateful to God that these beautiful boys are now with you guys. Praising God with you!!! :)

  2. This made me cry - even though I've already seen and read all about it!
    To think of the beginning of their little lives and how you have rescued them from a life of neglect.

    Praise God for asking you to go and for your obedience to Him!