Friday, July 27, 2012

Officially Official!

The next morning the boys woke up slowly.  Big Brother played games while Eli watched.  Ian took longer to wake up, obviously not a morning person.  However, we noticed that he was running a fever when we got him dressed, and he was pulling / tugging / scratching at his ears.  Thank Heavens I had brought some antibiotic ear drops.  Used those and gave him oral antibiotics that the guide gave me from a local pediatrician.

After breakfast, we went back to the place we had gotten the boys the day before.  There we were greeted by government officials who congratulated us and handed out the official documents stating that we were the official parents of these children.

 Announcement:  "You are now the official parents of these children!"

Official family photo.  Notice sick Ian is totally asleep.  Poor guy.

After that we went back to the hotel room to just chill / play / bond.  We started to see a little glimpse of a smile from Eli every once in a while.  He ran into the bathroom and grabbed Josh and laughed and laughed.  Very random and abrupt for him, and I'm so glad I caught this on film.  
Especially considering the sad face the night before.

Ian woke up and, even though feeling awful, always had a smile on his face.  He and Big Brother played while he continually removed his shoes.  (he still does that - can't keep shoes on the kid!)

We are hungry for lunch and decide to go to McDonalds.  Ian in the stroller, Eli pushing him and Big Brother playing peek-a-boo.

First french fry.  "Do I put this in my hair or my mouth?"

Eli's first McDonalds experience.

Walking back from McDonalds.  Big Sister is holding a sleeping Eli.

That evening after baths, I looked up and saw this:
Be still my heart.

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